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C-Wallet is a Mobile application I have been using as a case study. Simply put C-Wallet is a simple Cryptocurrency wallet, where you as a user can buy, sell and trade Cryptocurrency all from the app.


Cryptocurrency app where a user can Buy, Sell and Trade in Crptocurrency


The idea was to create a simple welcome and login screen. Once a user is logged in, they are presented with a simple dashboard to monitor Cryptocurrencies and their performance. Im still in the process of designer a first time login dashboard, which will flow into assisting the user in getting started.


This is a user case study

Built with

Wireframes built in Sketch, Design in Sketch, Prototyping done with Protopie

Welcome Screens giving the user an idea of what is C-Wallet, what does it does and the final screen, explaining to the user on the next steps and what is to come next.

Simple and clean Sign up process for first time users. If a user already has account, they can simply login and use their secure pin to access their dashboard.

Once the user has created an account, user will be required to create a secure pin. Allowing the user to securely transact with app, also providing a second level of security so as to protect the users personal and banking details in case the users pone is lost or stolen.

A Simple Dashboard, highlighting current Cryptocurrency data. The next phase is to create a first time user dashboard, showcasing how to get setup, linking your bank account and “How To” videos on how to buy, sell and trade using the app. Another idea would be to add Cryptocurrency “Tips and Tricks”.

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