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del Coursy

del Coursy

E-Commerce, Design, WordPress, Mobile

Established in 1998, del Coursy Collection is a proudly South African brand, with pieces that are sourced, designed and handpicked from the finest manufacturers from around the globe, most notably Italy.


Build an online experience to showcase our product, yet create a sense of security and luxury when it comes to purchasing jewellery online. Mobile Experience was most important.


The design featured very subtle colours, allowing the jewellery to be the main feature of the website. Clean buttons and navigation allow the user to navigate freely and the use of icons to further strengthen the UI and UX experience by giving the user a sense of where they are at all points of the user journey.


This website launched in July of 2018 and recently del Coursy have opened a number of Stores countrywide.

Built With

Balsamiq, Sketch, Invision, WordPress, Woocommerce

del Coursy’s e-commerce website has generated a number of sales and has expanded the brand to become highly sought after. This has also allowed del Coursy to open a number of stores, country-wide.

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