Darren Tucs
Digital Forest

Digital Forest Studios

Redesign, UI, UX, Development, WordPress, Mobile

Digital Forest Studios is a high-quality recording studio based in Constantia, Cape Town.


Rebrand their current website and make it more mobile friendly. Users can navigate through the work we have done, listen or share their produced. Creating an almost, Apple Music / Spotify experience.


Designed from the ideas of Spotify, Apple Music and Google Music, we created a clean, mobile friendly experience. Dark backgrounds with white and green navigation buttons were used as Spotify currently uses this palette, so we gave users something they are used to, yet tailored it to Digital Forest’s CI.


This project is still ongoing.

Built With

Figma, Sketch, Invision, UI, UX Story Boarding

Giving the user something they were used to, meant creating brand trust early on in the experience. Users know what to do right from the get go. Mobile and Desktop would follow similar user flows yet still keeping to the Apple, Spotify sensibility.

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