Darren Tucs
Figment Films

Figment Films

Design, Email Marketing

Figment – a creative production company, that focuses on commercial, narrative and long-form development.


Create a simple, yet visually appealing mailer introducing a new director to the team. Featuring 3 of his latest commercials, each film needed to be redirected to their website, where these commercials would be played via Vimeo.


The direction I took was very clean, using pastel colours so as to create a visually subtle mailer in terms of design, yet use the commercial thumbnails as the main call to action of the mailer.


Mailers were sent March 2019, with a 100% “open rate” and 80% “click through” rating.

Built With

Balsamiq, Sketch, HTML5, CSS3, Mailchimp

The emailer was so successful that Figment have decided to use this template going forward on all email campaigns and marketing. Changing colours to add variation, with easily updatable thumbnails and content in Mailchimp. Below is the final design for the mailer.

fb in insta
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