Darren Tucs


Design, Concept, UI, UX

NDA offers Debt counselling as well as a Debt free solution which clients can utilise to help manage their current debt.


Currently NDA has an 80% bounce rate on their current site. Through thorough UX and UI testing, as well content writing, NDA wanted something that didn’t just look good, but also become a solid lead generation tool for their business.


The design has the user in mind, giving the user a sense of exactly what it is needed when landing on the website, as well as presenting them with relevant information to influence their next move on the website.


This project is currently still ongoing.

Built With

Balsamiq, Sketch, Invision, User Journey

80% of users during the day use mobiles to search the internet daily during working hours. Creating a numbered step by step approach helps the user understand exactly what is needed and where they are in the process. It also gives them an idea of what will happen next in the process.

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