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Selena Sophia

Selena Sophia

Design, UX, UI, Mobile, Development, WordPress, E-Commerce

Selena & Sophia is a luxury brand in the UK. They currently have an online store selling luxury candles and decor.


The brief was to redo their current website, showcasing the luxury feeling on their website. The site needed to mobile friendly with easy to follow UI and UX experience.


I kept with their current CI of light greys, pinks and whites adding subtle contrast of black and darker greys to add depth and create a clean, luxurious feeling whilst using icons to navigate easily on the functional side of the website.


This project is still currently being built.

Built With

Balsamiq, Sketch, Invision, WordPress, React

The website is geared towards mobile UI and UX experience as well as being desktop focused. Mobile features less bulky navigation, using the icons to help the user navigate from their account to cart as well as navigate using the simple hamburger menu. The desktop site features bigger areas for lots of great imagery and truly giving the user the full experience of this luxury brand.

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